About Jevto Bond

About Jevto Bond

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For over 20 years, I’ve had a passion for Thai cuisine — the best Asian cuisine in my opinion. My exploration of Thai culinary arts led me to perfect my knowledge with Rungsan Mulijan, executive chef at the Blue Elephant restaurant in Bangkok.

I regularly travel to Thailand to eat to my heart’s content, to seek out new dishes and to gain new inspiration.

I’m the only Thai chef with a Swedish-Croatian background, standing 6’6 (2 m) in the world! I call myself “J. Bond 002”, but I’m not related to the other James Bond—as far as I know …

Freshness, provenance and the composition of the ingredients are crucial to me. I use wild shrimp and sustainably-caught fish; coconut milk with just two ingredients (coconut and water); Red Boat fish sauce containing only two ingredients (anchovies and salt), as fish sauce should be; and Thai eggplant raised on the roofs of the Lufa Farm in Montreal (when they have them). And I avoid any sauces with names of ingredients that I don’t recognize.

I look forward to cooking with you!

Jevto Bond cours de cuisine à Montréal

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